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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Sandwich of World

One of best things we could do in our life is to eat...well!

I have a friend who produce Goat milk and Goat Cheese of superior quality.
Then i decided to make, to create a soft bread with those dairy goat products that supported a fill inside of sausage, eggplant relish and Dijon Mustard. I was decided to create the better sandwich i ever ate in all my life!

Why not Goat milk /cheese bread with dried Parsley, Calabrese sausages, Eggplant relish as a base and French original mustard Dijon?

I created the bread with my ricotta bread recipe, replacing ricotta by those goat dairy products.
The work gone well, very well and of course, one of the best sandwich i had tasted in all my life!!

The delicious is at picture and the Goat milk/cheese bread recipe i´ll post in next days!

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