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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Baking to Survive?

Why Baking to Survive? Well in my case, the baking art begun by necessity. I´d had a pet-shop in my city Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In one night of intense weather torments the river flood invaded my pet-shop and all my family´s work of 23 long years was destroyed , just in one night!!! I´d suffered great economic losses and for lots of years ahead i have had only lots of bills and those terrific years almost caused me a depression, an illness, because i´d nothing to do, no perspectives for my new life, my new way of life! With no moneys and uncertain future. Well, selling things, specially pet goods was the only thing i could do at that time!! How could i follow? How could i Survive? Recently, after 5 years of that river flood, after my divorce from my wife, i´d known my actually woman Patricia. She was a woman who worked well with handcrafted goods, specially wood homemade appliances and kitchen wares and sets. She always have had good hands to handcrafted goods. I loved the way that woman worked painting those wood pieces with her nice performance hands. Then i passionated by that woman. We have had a baby, called Renzo, but my economic situation not permitted me to have the life i had planned for us. In June, 2008, the situation went worse than never. Both of us unemployeds, our home pay rental was delayed, our life´s perspectives were not good. For me, was terrible the situation that i needed some coins to buy my daily breads on bakery, and i had nothing, just only hope for better days... ...That situation of no money for daily breads caused me sadly crisis, i suffered a lot. But , the crisis is good opportunity to solve that kind of problem. Then i had an idea. Why no BAKE MY OWN BREADS? Why no BAKING BREADS TO SURVIVE?? I´d bought 1 small bag of wheat flour, plus another small amount of whole wheat flour, a pinch of marine salt, a bottle of mineral water, some yeast and flax seeds. I´d researched a new recipe of bread. I found a revolutionary recipe of no-knead bread method, a baker from New York was teaching. Jim Lahey was his name and his revolutionary method was the fact that the bread recipe never asks to knead the dough. Just only to mix all the dry ingredients, add water and after whisk that wet dough, then put the dough to rest for longer term. 12 to 18 hours at warm temperature. Then, after that time, pre-heat oven, put dough inside panand bake it for 45 minutes or until golden brown on crust. The result of this bread recipe was fantastic! With that little amount of flour i´d baked 3 fantastic loaves of flax seed whole wheat breads. Healthy for me and my family, the breads solved my necessity for daily breads. But from the necessity i got new idea!! If that bread was good for me and my family, why not bake another loaves to sell to neighborhoods, friends, parents???? I done that!! The results?? Superb. I sold out all my artisan bread productions daily and never had lost any loaf of bread since that first one!! From that times until now, i´m improving my skills about breads and now my chart surplus 200 goods between breads, cakes and biscuits. We could say, Miracle of Breads Multiplications!

After that i had gone to one of best Tv shows in Brazil, where i told my history of life´s changes, than a Tv reporter asked me: Can we name this bread loaf your Salvation´s Bread, Ricardo? Then i told him: Of course, my Salvation´s bread!!
From that time until now i sell all of my flax seed´s breads with name: Salvation Bread!

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  1. What a heartwarming story. I wish you lot's of success in the future.