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Monday, September 20, 2010

My experience with new breads

One of the great things i´d learned during my expeditions with breads, is about how many cultural aspects from all the world´s corner we can have.
One of the best breads i´d baked was Barbari from Iran. This bread have the curious format flattened and with a brush of mixed flour water and baking soda wich gave a nice golden color on top. Black sesame seeds sprinkled then,completed the fashion of this delicious bread. Barbari, is one of most adored breads at Iran and it was introduced there during the invasion of Barbarians from Afeghanistan.

Pizzas are another bread i love a lot, specially thin ones. I promise to post here a delicious recipe of thin pizza plus bread crumbs on top, i love so much.I prefer the thin pizzas, but theres a lot of people who loves the Chicago style deep dish pizza with lots of fillings inside.

I love Calzones and i´ll post a nice delicious Calzone´s recipe soon.

Another good choice on flatten breads are Kebabs or wrapped breads, with some butter on dough. I love the wrapped sandwiches and it´s filling variations.

Italian bread with it´s crusty external layer is another masterpiece and always a chalenge, even to experienced bakers like me.

Challah with it´s enriched dough is a Jewish bread dough i love a lot, with it´s versatilyty to be workable, accepting lots of variations. With Challah dough i make Pain aux Chocolat,Peanut butter breads, Pumpkin raisins breads, plus another delicious braideds.

Here i list some variations i have in my list of breads:

Croissant, Brioche, Provence, Pita, Whole Grains breads, sweet braided breads, a Stollen, originally, from Dresdner, Pan de Muerto ( Mexican ), Pão de Queijo from my Brazil, Polar Bread from Nordic countries, plus lots of othersssss

We will share all our experiences here during next years.
I´ll be more effective and active here in this blog.

Good news are coming!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

History of my Jewish Strudel

 I´ll tell you the curious story of one of my best breads the famous Jewish Strudel.

I was baking breads as an invited member in a Germanic Festival here in my city. One of the breads i was baking was a creation where i used the Challah dough with it´s rich components such lots of eggs, sugar, malt, honey, sunflower oil and filled and folded like an original Germanic Strudel. It was a success in that 2009 june. At that time, i called that bread Duo Dulce, but people and customers always asked me if that bread was a Strudel due to it´s similarity with that sweet delicious Germanic dish.

Then i tought...-why do not name that delicious creation as Jewish Strudel. In one simple bread, a combination of 2 essentials in Jewish bakers and Germanic pastries? Why do not put together 2 opposed cultures in one simple bread?

Since then, the success with that original bread increased substantially. I decided to send the recipe to P.J.Hamel from King Arthur and she replied with quickly feedback. She posted the recipe with some own modifications and that simple bread turned onto a famous, world famous one.

You could view the recipe here:

And here you could view my original version, with only one step of filling, not completely sealed at extremities and with none slashes on top. I used to fill it with diced bananas, or apple chunks over a layer of cinnamon sugar with golden raisins and walnuts. It´s superb, delicious. I recommend it with with heavy cream on top, as a dessert with another walnuts sprinkled on top.