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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

History of my Jewish Strudel

 I´ll tell you the curious story of one of my best breads the famous Jewish Strudel.

I was baking breads as an invited member in a Germanic Festival here in my city. One of the breads i was baking was a creation where i used the Challah dough with it´s rich components such lots of eggs, sugar, malt, honey, sunflower oil and filled and folded like an original Germanic Strudel. It was a success in that 2009 june. At that time, i called that bread Duo Dulce, but people and customers always asked me if that bread was a Strudel due to it´s similarity with that sweet delicious Germanic dish.

Then i tought...-why do not name that delicious creation as Jewish Strudel. In one simple bread, a combination of 2 essentials in Jewish bakers and Germanic pastries? Why do not put together 2 opposed cultures in one simple bread?

Since then, the success with that original bread increased substantially. I decided to send the recipe to P.J.Hamel from King Arthur and she replied with quickly feedback. She posted the recipe with some own modifications and that simple bread turned onto a famous, world famous one.

You could view the recipe here:

And here you could view my original version, with only one step of filling, not completely sealed at extremities and with none slashes on top. I used to fill it with diced bananas, or apple chunks over a layer of cinnamon sugar with golden raisins and walnuts. It´s superb, delicious. I recommend it with with heavy cream on top, as a dessert with another walnuts sprinkled on top.

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